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Kootenay Lake Resort - News and Updates

British Columbia's Population is Booming!

The National Census released the first of many data streams on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 and noted that there is a clear trend toward population growth in the Western Provinces. BC's population is growing at a faster pace than the national average. While the large growing communities were largely urban centres, the overall growth rate effects all communities in the province and has created a positive buzz about the real estate industry in BC.

You can read the release from CBC here:

Kootenay Lake is beginning to experience some of the effects as well, all indicators point to a strong year in BC's Southern Interior from a real estate sales perspective. Coupled with our community's commitment to developing new jobs and promoting economic growth, Kaslo is poised to become a highly sought after destination for savvy real estate investors looking for their own piece of paradise in one of BC's most pristine landscapes.

We are still on the upswing at Wing Creek Resort and encourage you to do your research when looking to invest in waterfront homes. The prices we are able to offer cannot be duplicated and the quality of the product is absolutely world class!

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