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Carbon Sink! Is Your Home Saving the Environment?

Our partners at Hamill Creek Timber Homes have long been advocates for the use of wood in new home building. More than their passion and dedication to the style of construction, they consistently note that it is one of the most efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly styles of home construction available. Here is a blog they recently posted in regards to Carbon Sink:

Many people think that building with wood is bad for the environment because it destroys forests. However, using wood is actually environmentally-friendly because it prevents carbon from being released into the atmosphere, since trees are a natural carbon sink. Other building materials, such as concrete and steel, release carbon into the atmosphere as they are manufactured. According to the article “Greening Up with Wood” by Jason Hagerman in the Fall 2010 edition of the Canadian magazine Wood Design & Building, “structures made entirely of steel or concrete…emit 34 and 81 per cent more greenhouse gases [respectively, on average]” (37). In contrast, a “typical wood-frame home” can store the amount of carbon “equal to five years of emissions from an average car” (37).

The full article can be found online here.

Author: Roseanna Sowten (Blog can be found here)

There is not a more natural and more efficient home design in the world. We are excited to be a part of a timber frame community and feel that it offers the ideal pairing of luxury and environmental consciousness. 

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