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The Challenge of Living in Kaslo

It was seven years ago now that I first stepped foot in Kaslo, BC. I had lived my life in Edmonton, Ottawa, and my first two years of University were spent in Vancouver. Needless to say, the shock of moving into a community with less people than my high school grad class was overwhelming. My first thought was, "what am I going to do with myself?!?"

At the time I had moved with the intention of staying for a couple of weeks. You see, my parents had gone on a 6 months excursion, after leaving their corporate jobs, to find a tourism based business that they could operate together. Imagine my surprise when I received the call that they had settled in Kaslo! After listening to the stories from the West Coast, LA, San Diego, Yuma, and eventually a month's worth of tales from South Padre Island in the Gulf of Mexico, I couldn't believe that they had chosen a small town in BC that I had never even heard of!

In case you haven't guessed, the tourism business they had found was Wing Creek Resort, at the time it was Wing Creek Cabins. I quickly understood what they found so appealing, 20 acres of waterfront, orchards, beautiful hiking trails, and the views of Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains were breathtaking. The area was so peaceful and natural that I didn't need any convincing.

Now that I understood what drew them to Kaslo I still had to struggle with the first question that came to my mind. As I mentioned, I had planned to stay for two weeks. My two week stint quickly became a month, then six, then one year! It wasn't my fault really, I met some people, started hiking, coached the high school football team, and got a job. I realized that everything I wanted was right here in Kaslo. All except for one thing, I had a half finished University degree. After one of the best years of my life, I reluctantly packed my things and moved to Kelowna, BC to finish my degree.

The funny thing about Kaslo, you might think that there aren't any activities, or that there is no shopping, or that there is no work, or that you can't live without a Timmy's.  I spent three years in Kelowna, finished my degree with distinction and particpated in and won national business competitions. I credit a great deal of my success with my one year stint in Kaslo. I struggled to find work in my third year, many Kelowna businesses went on a hiring freeze and I ended up working a miserable job that I won't mention. I would have moved away from Kelowna, but my girlfriend, who will be my wife on June 11th, 2011, was one year behind me for her degree.

Once she graduated we began talking about where we should move to find work. I didn't suspect that she would be interested in living in Kaslo. She had visited and loved the area, but I thought she would be more inclined to live in a big city. Surprise, she landed a marketing job in... wait for it... KASLO! Couldn't believe my ears.

So we moved to Kaslo, she is now a Marketing and Sales contact for Wing Creek Resort and runs our business consulting company, Procerus Consulting. I am also a Marketing and Sales contact for Wing Creek Resort, I have done a 6 month contract with Invest Kootenay, and was recently hired on as the Marketing and Sales Director at Hamill Creek Timber Homes. Asia, my fiancee, sits on the Board for an annual event called Sufferfest and I'm the Vice-President of the Kaslo and Area Chamber of Commerce. I have started playing hockey again after a ten year hiatus, and I'm golfing, fishing, curling. We both enjoy road cycling and hiking, we have also started kayaking! What do we miss; the shopping? We take road trips to do major shopping, it's great because we turn it into a weekend and spend more at once, but less in the long run. Timmy's Coffee? Kaslo has Oso Negro and Kootenay Crossing, both of which put Timmy's to shame.

I get long winded from time to time, but the moral of this story is to illustrate that you're not missing anything living in Kaslo, in fact you experience so much more. Asia and I have spoken to a number of people that already live here and have the means and/or the profession to live anywhere in the world. They have chosen Kaslo as well!

Come visit us soon and see why!

Steve Hoffart

Marketing and Sales