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Kootenay Lake Resort - News and Updates

Helping to Build One of Canada's Premier Waterfront Communities

Building a home is a challenging undertaking for even the most seasoned contractor. Building a community can be nearly impossible unless you have a strong team of dedicated professionals who recognize, appreciate, and share the passion you have for the vision.

We had that team working with us on the first custom timber frame home here at Wing Creek Resort! At each stage of construction we teamed up with a company and individuals who went above and beyond to ensure that the Birchgrove was at its absolute best. We were so pleased with each of our partners in this project and we know that they will all become active members in our community and each of our owners will have the pleasure of experiencing their quality work as well.

Thank you to everyone for working so hard to make our vision a reality!!!

  • Brenton Industries - Excavation and Landscaping
  • Terra Therma - Gas, Plumbing, and Radiant Heat
  • Bowic Electric - Electrical
  • Hoover Masonry - Tile and Masonry
  • Marc Drywall - Drywall and Paint
  • Morgan Patterson - Concrete Finishing
  • Comfort Zone - HVAC
  • Mountain Modern Interior - Furnishings
  • Willow Home Gallery - Interior Design, Decor, Linens, and Accessories

For more information on any of our trades or questions about Wing Creek please call or email me anytime. Thanks again to every company and the individuals who worked so hard on this project, to many more!!!