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How Isolated is Wing Creek?

Isolation is a funny word in today's world. The old addage of "history repeats itself" could be applied to the Earth. We used to believe the Earth was flat, then we found out it was round, now it's flat again!!! Call me crazy, but the other side of the world doesn't seem too far away nowadays.

Where am I going with this?

Wing Creek is located 5 minutes north of Kaslo, BC. Nestled between the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains, on the shores of Kootenay Lake, we are at least 100km from the nearest Tim Hortons! For some, the thought of being that far away from quote-unquote civilization is unthinkable.

Which brings me back to my original thought of isolation. Many people would think that Kaslo epitomizes isolated; rural mountain town, one road in one road out (not completely true, there's 3), the proverbial one-horse town. However, in the world of today I would argue that this type of town doesn't exist anymore. Globalization has offered the opportunity to choose how isolated you are. For a number of Kootenay residents and businesses, that is exactly what they have chosen in Kaslo. We have a number of businesses, artists, professionals, who have the means to live anywhere in the world and they have chosen Kaslo. How do they do it? We are only as isolated as we choose to be. We may not have a Tim Hortons or heavy traffic or skyscrapers, but we have high-speed internet and cellular service and today's global market needs little else.

Our very own partner, Hamill Creek Timber Homes, takes full advantage. With high-speed internet and phone, we sold homes in Toronto, Revelstoke, and KOREA in the last two weeks!!!

The point of my story is; if you could live anywhere in the world, why not live in Kaslo? There's nothing standing in your way!

Can't wait to see you here,
Steve Hoffart