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Real Estate Market Rebound

We've talked about it for what seems like years, asking when will the real estate market rebound? Signs in the last several months have pointed to a significant recovery in not only the Canadian real estate market, but the American real estate market as well. Strength of the North American real estate market place is of great benefit to all of us that either have invested or are thinking of investing in real estate. The truth is that the Canadian market has held its own through the turmoil and, although some areas have seen price drops, for the most part real estate has experienced moderate appreciation. The US is another story, the disastrous out fall of the "Subprime Mortgage" crippled the real estate market and scared a lot of people away from investing in real estate. This fear spread into Canada leaving a market with significant supply and minimal demand.

Where does that leave us today? Drumroll... in a Buyer's Market!!! If you have been waiting for the tides to turn and the market to recover, now is the time. Although you still need to be wary of markets in California, Nevada, and Arizona, the Great Plains states have seen increased stability and strong forecasts. The Canadian market is on the verge of getting hot. In fact, there has been significant interest from our neighbours to the south at Wing Creek. There has been a recognition that the Canadian banking system and strong economy can protect investors from collapses and, even though the doom and gloom theorists are still calling for panic, better times are ahead.

At Wing Creek our team understands that there is some trepidation when looking to invest in real estate and we encourage our potential buyers to do their homework, watch the forecasts, and feel comfortable that they are making a wise decision. All that we, at Wing Creek, can control is our own product and we can most certainly assure you that we have strived to create something unique and beautiful. The quality of the homes, care of the environment, beauty of the land, and personal touches will set Wing Creek a part from all other developments and ensure its desirability. The Canadian real estate market, specifically BC's Southern Interior, will take care your investment. While you're experiencing appreciation on your investment, you will be at home in a world-class community with maintenance-free living in a setting unparalleled by any other.

We look forward to seeing you here,
Steve Hoffart

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