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Shameless Self-Indulgence :) - It All Started on the Beach at Wing Creek

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I can't help myself!!!

In March of 2010, I woke up my girlfriend fom a very peaceful sleep, as she still reminds me, and told her to come for a walk with me. We were staying in the Cedarbrook on lot #2 and she was quite content under the warm covers, so it took some convincing. However, the thought of a morning walk down to the beach was enough to get her up and moving. Unbenounced to her, I had already been to beach that morning.

On my earlier journey to the water, I had carefully positioned a bottle of champagne, don't mind the time of day, and a box containing just enough sparkle to blind her from the magnitude of the decision I was going to ask her to make. I couldn't think of a better place to share this moment together. Even though it was March, the sun had peaked over the Purcell Mountains and warmed the air enough to make it a comfortable walk.

On the beach at Wing Creek, the rushing water spilling into Kootenay Lake offered beautiful background noise, I asked Asia to marry me (the joke was I wouldn't let her open the box until she answered). There is no question that Wing Creek has a very special place in my heart and that of my wife. I called this piece self indulgence because it was a long winded way of telling you all the we were married on Saturday, June 11th, 2011. So next time your in the West Kootenays, stop by and say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Hoffart. One or both of us will be happy to give you a tour.

Thanks for humouring me,