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Telling a Story

Normally my blogs are Wing Creek specific and I will direct you to some new Wing Creek material towards the end of this entry. However, today I wanted to express some insight that I have have gained during my marketing career. Throughout my academic career, myself and my fellow student body had the tried and true marketing practices impressed upon us. From scripting broadcast media to developing effective print ads. These lessons were well taught and the insight offered by our instructors was invaluable. Here's the catch: they don't work anymore!!!

Before anyone gets too excited, broadcast and print media have their place and I would never recommend that they be abandoned. I read a book by one of my favorite marketing gurus, Seth Godin, that was titled "All Marketers Are Liars!" the very first line of the book is "I lied, all marketers are not liars". The truth is that today's consumers are bombarded with advertising -- it affects our very existence 24/7! Real marketers are left to determine how to break through all the noise and provide our customers with some clarity. Which brings me to the story and the media.

Today's consumers move at a million miles per hour. The internet has created a portal into every piece of information anyone could possibly want. As a result, the average attention span for advertising content is something like 7 seconds!!! So how do we keep them engaged? It's story telling time. Everyone loves a good story, as long as it's meaningful and, most importantly, authentic! This is why social media has become so popular and such a vital weapon in the marketer's arsenal. It allows the marketer and the customer to engage in story time. Clear conveyance of the story enables the customer to engage and to visualize themselves participating. If they like the idea of being a part of the story, then they will usually find a way to make it a reality.

Which brings me back to Wing Creek. I can use all the buzzwords like waterfront, custom built homes, timber frame, LEED Certification, natural paradise, etc., but if it isn't authentic and I don't manage to engage you in the experience, then I simply become white noise. This is why I will be sharing a story with you. It doesn't have an ending, it is simply the story of life at Wing Creek and in Kaslo. If you visit our YouTube page, by clicking the link below, you can view the beginning. The Show Home is now finished and I encourage you to take a tour. I will also take you golfing, take you into Kaslo, maybe we'll take a ride in the canoe, and share some of the daily life that we experience living at Wing Creek. Here comes the fun part!!! Help me help you experience life at Wing Creek. Name something you would like to do and I will share it with you. Whether you want to see the top of a mountain, or go fishing, I will find a way to help you share in the experience. Hopefully, you will come visit one day soon and experience it for yourself. In the meantime, you can watch the story unfold and participate in how it takes shape!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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