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Kootenay Lake Resort - News and Updates

Writers' Retreat at Wing Creek Resort

Join us for a different kind of Writers' Retreat at Wing Creek Resort, July 12 - 15, 2012 for four nights and three days that will banish your fear of the blank page forever. Authorcloud’s 2012 Writers’ Retreat offers a handful of discerning writers the opportunity to come together at Wing Creek Resort, overlooking stunning Kootenay Lake and the soaring Purcell Mountains, for intensive learning sessions, including instruction, discussion, sharing and hands-on activities, all designed to help writers like you to hone their craft and return to their writing projects with new-found confidence and enthusiasm.

Arrive Thursday afternoon, go for a hike or relax and soak in your spectacular alpine surroundings and the rustic elegance of your resort cottage.


Session One: Writing in the 21st century. An introduction to social media, blogging, and various digital tools of the trade.

Session Two: Author, author! Writer as rock star -- how to create a profile and reach an audience outside the traditional publishing paradigm.


Session One: Challenges in writing fiction, from story arcs and structure to characters and dialogue.

Session Two: The new non-fiction -- how to create a compelling work of nonfiction.


Session One & Two: Tackling your specific areas of interest, while recapping subjects covered on Friday and Saturday.

Depart Monday at noon -- refreshed, inspired, and ready to write again!

Cost: $2,500 CDN per participant, based on single or double cottage occupancy

Includes accommodation, catered lunches, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, and catered dinners Friday and Sunday. Guests welcome at dinners for an additional charge.


Retreat leader is Authorcloud founder, Randy Morse, himself both a published writer and a longtime publisher, having successfully navigated both the traditional and digital realms. Randy is always in demand as a speaker and has many international consulting projects under his belt.

Additional presenters include:

Holly Rubinsky, superb short story writer and seasoned editor. Rubinsky brings decades of publishing experience and a critical eye to the scene.

Keith Liggett, poet, journalist, cookbook author and writing coach, Liggett is an articulate and

encouraging writer’s guide.

Blair Enns, a leading marketing consultant, Enns speaks to groups around the world on a wide subjects relating to new approaches to marketing and selling.

Successful writing takes creativity, patience, hope, a willingness to both observe and learn and a large dollop of humility. The effort can, at times, be exhausting, the self-doubt almost overwhelming. This retreat is designed to get you back on track, affording an opportunity to 

listen and learn from fellow authors, perhaps glean something from a more experienced hand, and, at least for a few hours or days, break away from your computer screen.

Don't miss this opportunity to improve your craft. Very limited availability.

Call today - 250.353.2475