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Retreat in Nature & Reconnect with Yourself

At Wing Creek we strive to help you relax and immerse yourself in the power of Nature, offering a range of Retreats including:



Rock Sculpting

Intuitive Painting

Our 2015 Retreat dates are being finalized very soon!

We are blessed to offer soaring  mountains, lush forest and a pristine lake. Life in the city creates wear and tear on your health, your psyche, your relationships and your dreams -- in fact every aspect of your life. By creating an oasis of quiet and serenity we can help you reconnect with yourself and get back to what is really meaningful in your life. 

If you would like to lead a Retreat for your small group at Wing Creek, please contact us as early as possible to ensure you get your dates! Most Retreats start Fridays at 6:30 pm and end Sundays at 2:00 pm.  Click here for a Retreat Centre tour! 

Rock Sculpting Retreat

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create beautiful rock sculptures or set your imagination free in a new medium? This is your chance to study with talented (and patient) sculptor Frank Bitonti. Frank is a self-taught stone carver who started as a stone mason, became fascinated with the way rock was sculpted many years ago and sought out masters to learn from. He will ask you to bring only your sketches or ideas and your enthusiasm and he will teach you the rest! Enjoy 20 hours of instruction, 2 nights' accommodation in a Cedarbrook cottage and some meals plus a local field trip, and plenty of time to hike, relax at the beach or engage in a water sport such as kayaking on pristine Kootenay Lake. Join Frank in this inspirational setting! 

INSTRUCTOR: Frank Bitonti

WEEKEND DATES:Contact us for 2015 Dates

COST: $799 + tax for one student or $1295 + tax for two students, double occupancy.

WEEKDAY DATES: Contact us for 2015 Dates

COST: $749 + tax for one student or $1198 + tax two students, double occupancy. 

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Intuitive Painting Weekend Retreat

This painting Retreat combines meditation, music accompaniment, art and guided visualization exercises which will stretch your mind so that you may become more productive, creative, and successful in any painting you choose to make, no matter what your painting experience. 2 nights' accommodation in a Cedarbrook cottage, all classes and some meals. Satyama will also be available this weekend for massage appointments in the Falling Water Spa. Satyama specializes in deep tissue Swedish, Thai massage and lomi-lomi. Extra charges apply

INSTRUCTOR: Satyama Lasby

DATES: Contact us for 2015 Dates

COST: $799 + tax per person

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Wellness Weekend Retreat

This weekend will change your life. Learn to befriend your body and mind, let go and stop trying to tame and control them. The rewards are beyond your wildest dreams. Learn the benefits of meditation and nutrition -- easy ways to nourish your body and your soul. Engage in yoga classes to energize and restore. Experience an introduction to reflexology and energy medicine. Emerge with a fresh outlook and new skills to create new habits  that help you maintain balance in your everyday life once you return home. Suitable for all experience levels. $699 per person – 2 nights' accommodation in a Cedarbrook cottage, and includes some meals. Spa services are available by appointment in the Falling Water Spa for an extra charge.

INSTRUCTION: Various Instructors

DATES: Contact us for 2015 Dates

COST: $799 + tax per person

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Yoga & Meditation Weekend Retreat

This uniquely designed yoga experience and introduction to meditation will investigate yoga from the five principles that can easily be incorporated into your own pattern of aware living. Proper exercise, relaxation, pranayama, diet, and positive thinking and meditation will be investigated, with Hatha asana is the core practice. $699 per person – 2 nights' accommodation in a Cedarbrook cottage, and includes some meals. Spa services are available by appointment in the Falling Water Spa for an extra charge.

INSTRUCTOR: Various Instructors

DATES: Call us for 2015 Dates

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Suitable for all levels.

COST: $799 + tax per person

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